In the words of Satoshi Nakamoto;

The problem with fiat currency and the traditional financial institution is the level of trust needed to make it work.

The statement was the knockout punch, creating a new world order for finances. No one knows who Satoshi is or was, a man, woman or group of individuals. Regardless of that, Satoshi Nakamoto deserves a place on this list. Since Satoshi, the cryptocurrency environment has been crowded by amazing individuals. These selected individuals have made their mark in advancing the technology.

  1. Vitalik Buterin

He’s a programmer with the mind of an entrepreneur. As far as 2017 is concerned, Vitalik has been in the news for all the right reasons. Being one of the founders of the Ethereum project, it has climbed up from nowhere to being the 2nd cryptocurrency on the market capitalisation list. Of recent, he proposed for an Interactive Coin Offering in the ICO space. Gaining the applause of the Crypto community for his propositions.

  1. Nick Szabo

His experience with a decentralized digital currency span back as far as 1998. Even though his Bitgold idea never materialized, it paved way for bitcoin 10 years later. Nick is responsible for coining of the term “smart contracts” which is an important part of the blockchain technology. There’s a controversy surrounding Nick, many believe he is Satoshi. They suggest he’s the only one person with the knowledge of coming up with Bitcoin.

  1. Gavin Andresen

“This is like better gold than gold”. That was the statement of Gavin in a 2011 Forbes article. From the early days, Gavin has always been part of the inner circle that saw to the development of Bitcoin. Before going into oblivion, Satoshi Nakamoto handed over the source code repository and the alert key to Gavin. Gavin Andresen has never stopped in his quest to developing Cryptos, he has lent support to Bitcoin Classic in recent time. As response to his criticism of Bitcoin core for not listening to the public.

  1. Charlie Lee

In case you don’t know him, he’s the creator of Litecoin. Charlie Lee has made himself an indispensable member of the cryptocurrency community over the years. He didn’t limit himself to his creation, he is always making valuable contributions to Bitcoin and other Cryptos. In recent times, he has been routing for the adoption of Segregated Witness to Litecoin.

  1. Don Tapscott

He’s a world acclaimed author of many financial related books and the father of Alex Tapscott, another growing giant in the cryptosphere. As an author and researcher, he has made invaluable contributions to the adoption of blockchain for business applications. He maintained his focus to be on how technology can benefit the larger society and not just businesses.

  1. Andreas Antonopoulos

Another writer and author that commands influence in the Cryptosphere. Let’s just say Andreas is responsible for making many average Joe understand the workings of cryptocurrencies. Aside from advising and consulting for start-ups, his opinion is revered in the governance circle. He recently spoke before the Canadian senate on issues relating to Blockchain technology.

  1. Adam Back

Maintained a presence in the community since 1995. Today, Adam is the president of Blockstream. His main interest and point of discussion have always been about scalability, mining technology, and privacy. Adam is a respected voice in the community due to his works and contributions till date.