Cryptocurrency has taken over the internet. With this level of growth, Cryptocurrency will surpass the achievement of the internet in years to come. All over the globe, people are getting to use Cryptos, the adoption is widespread. With the real-world use of cryptos, including payment for goods and services, it is important to have the control of cryptos within your reach. That’s why we are recommending the top 5 must-have apps for your android smartphones;

  1. Cryptonator

At the top of our list is Cryptonator which has distinguished itself as a multi-purpose cryptocurrency app. Using cryptonator, you can convert more than 500 varieties of cryptocurrencies. With this app, you can track the performance of every coin and check the value of the coins you own. In essence, you will be able to ascertain how cryptocurrencies have performed in a month. Cryptonator doesn’t serve just a single purpose but a wide range of purposes including keeping you informed any time about Cryptos

2. Google Authenticator

You need to take the security of your wallet seriously, and one of such ways to do this is using Google Authenticator for 2FA security. Another 2FA app you can use is Authy which performs a similar action. With Google Authenticator, a 6-word digit will be retrieved from your app before any important action will be processed. Therefore, even if your email is hacked and the hacker gain access to your wallets, transferring out your cryptos will need access to your Google Authenticator.

3. zTrader

With zTrader, you will have all the access to track the crypto market. You will have access to information and analytics from more than a dozen exchanges. This will reveal an in-depth analysis of how the market is performing. Don’t be bothered about the security of your coins, there are a 25-bit AES encryption API keys to keep you fully secured. You will need a bit of time to understand how the app works due to the volume of information present before you. Interestingly, you can chat with other crypto investors in the live chatroom.

4. BlockFolio

Not just a cryptocurrency app, it’s aimed at other financial purposes. With Blockfolio, checking through your investments cannot be easier. The app allows you to request notification when certain coins reach a set threshold and value. You will definitely be up to date with over 800 coins supported by the app. Staying up to date in the cryptosphere can’t be simpler also, there’s a news section to know get real-time information.

5. Bitcoin Wallet By Blockchain Luxembourg

There’s a reason why this app is coming at the tail end. It’s all because it’s the best wallet app for beginners into the cryptospace. The user interface of the application is simple and user-friendly. You can see your Bitcoin balance and its value in exchange for more than 20 other cryptos. This app supports at least 25 major world languages and the security features look hack free.

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