The People’s Choice

BullToken is a new and exciting addition to the growing Blockchain investment-arena. Giving investors a safe way to work together towards a common goal, the BullToken Community Platform(BCP) is the first social media space of it’s kind. Everything revolves around the Community, and the idea that a self-governing group of professional Blockchain-investors can work together to become an efficient and prosperous blockchain-startup investing machine.

Why BullToken?

In short, the crypto-market is riddled with ICOs, and this has multiple implications for any investor. Time is money, and with almost 2000 different tokens on the market and that number growing fast, there just isn’t enough time to efficiently sift through every ICO you find. Functioning as one giant symbiotic investing-machine, BullToken will achieve thousands of hours a week of careful and skillful ICO analysis, easily cutting through all the bad choice projects, and high percentage of scams.

With the Community’s collective efforts combined with incentivised activity and transparency, BullToken is a recipe for success.

Lets quickly go over the different elements found on the platform. The main 3 elements to learn are:

  1. The Community
  2. The IAB
  3. Karma

By the way, if you are interested in learning more about the platform, all you need to do is contact the BullToken team on one of their channels.


The Community

The BullToken Community is a self-governing group of Blockchain professionals. There’s only 3 prerequisites to joining.

  1. Own at least 1 BullToken (ticker symbol:BULL)
  2. An approved BullToken account.
  3. Access to a computer or a smart phone in order to use the platform.

What does the Community do?

Members use the web platform to submit ICOs they think look promising, they discuss what they like or don’t like about the submitted ICOs, a.k.a Investment Proposals(IPs), then they vote on the ICOs that the entire Community will be investing in. This process of submitting, voting, then finally investing in the IPs that “win”, is a 4 week time period known as a Voting Block.

VBs always start 2 weeks after the previous VB, resulting in an ongoing and overlapping process of submitting and voting on IPs.

The Investment Advisory Board

The BullToken IAB is a group of professionals who have a very specific function within the Community. To begin with, and until the Community votes otherwise, the IAB will consist of 6 members, and any decisions made on behalf of the Community will require a majority vote in order to be passed.

Currently there are 3 seats being occupied by key members of the company behind BullToken, Bulltech. Two of the co-founders of BullToken, the CEO and CTO, and a third key player who is yet to be disclosed.

The other half of the IAB comes directly from the BullToken Community. As of today, nobody knows who these professionals will be, and there’s a great explanation for that. The Community hasn’t held a vote yet! True democracy 🙂

What does the IAB do?

Since IAB members are a part of the Community, you can expect to see them on the discussion boards on a daily basis, and you may be looking to their expertise and sound judgement for advice on where to place your votes. But they do have a very specific role, and it’s a very important one.

The main role of the IAB is to prevent the Community from investing in fraudulent, harmful, or un-ethical projects.

In today’s highly volatile, fast growing, and un-regulated market, having a team who’s specific job is to weed out the bad seeds is necessary to ensure maximum safety, and not to mention responsibility. Feeding ponzi schemes to make a quick buck is not something they tolerate, and it only hurts the space we are trying to help prosper. Like the vast majority of our peers, BullToken is only interested in long-term sustainable growth.

Being an IAB member will require a significant amount of time, a consistent delivery of quality due-diligence work, and a level of expertise and professionalism that won’t be possible to fool your way into. Once every two weeks, the IAB adjourns to approve or discard IPs based on specific objective criteria already voted into place by the Community.

Karma for Good Deeds

Karma is used for more than feeling good about yourself. On the BullToken Community Platform, Karma will have a value in Ether. The BullToken system is broken up into different levels, and for each new level you reach, the more Karma you have to work with.

Receiving “likes” on your comments gets you Karma, submitting an ICO as an Investment Proposal COSTS you Karma, but if it “wins” the Community’s vote, then you get it all back and then some. Basically, Karma is given to all members for their positive contributions to the Community. So another way of thinking about this is like being an active reddit community member, but getting paid for your contributions.

Karma will also give your vote more weight, but we’ll cover that shortly.

Start Earning Karma Today

Until the end of the main-sale, all Community members will have the opportunity to earn Karma for their contributions towards building a strong Community.

They way BullToken pulls this off in the earliest stage of the project is by providing each verified Community member with his or her own unique referral code. BullToken is first and foremost focused on building the most critical aspect of the project, the Community and it’s members.

The best way to do this is by creating an environment where experienced blockchain and cryptocurrency professionals, who also see the value in being a part of the BullToken Community, can already start earning the Karma and “influence” they so greatly deserve.

Weighted Voting

Certain voting processes are weighted. Your vote’s “influence” is directly related to the amount of Karma you have. If you want a say in where BullToken should be invested, you’ll need to prove your weight in Karma.

Non-weighted Voting

Some voting processes need a 100% democratic model, and for those BullToken keeps it simple. Every person gets a vote, and every vote is equal to 1. In order to vote, you need to be a member. To be a member, you need to own at least 1 BULL

The Karma Buy-Back Wallet

5% of all BullToken earnings will go into a wallet reserved for buying your Karma back in exchange for ETH. At a certain point, a member can reach the maximum amount of “influence” their Karma can carry, so anything above this level is free to sell back to BullToken without losing that hard earned influence. If Influence is not your thing, or you’ve been hodling Karma just to sell it back, then by all means, a trade is always welcome.

The Karma/ETH Conversion Rate

The KCR is a simple math formula. Karma is equal to the total amount of ETH in the Karma Buy-Back Wallet, divided by the total amount of ETH on the platform.

The BullToken ICO


On December 7th, BullToken will open it’s doors to pre-registered and verified investors only. Don’t forget to mark your calendar! During the pre-sale they are only collecting funds needed in order to complete an MVP of their product, the BullToken Community Platform.


BullToken will begin it’s main crowdsale on April 3rd, 2018 and will continue until May 19th, 2018.

Register here for the BullToken ICO!