Cyber-attacks are nothing new, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency. The attackers are always looking forward to new ways and means to get hold of Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin etc. This time the hackers targeted YouTube to mine cryptocurrencies by attacking the computers through video platform’s Doubleclick advertising service.

It’s Youtube this time

As per the report, hackers targeted users from Japan, France, Taiwan and Spain. They managed to run advertisements on the video platform and tried to consume the user’s CPU power and electricity to mine cryptocurrencies. The susceptible users posted complaints on social media that they are receiving alerts from their antivirus program whenever they are trying to run a video on YouTube.

Google resolves the issue

Google-who owns YouTube managed to resolve the issue in a couple of hours after being informed. An email from Google read, “We managed to block the advertisements in two hours and the malicious actors were removed from the platform.”

The hackers were using a JavaScript code that’s provided by Coinhive, a controversial cryptocurrency mining platform. The platform allows subscribers to mine cryptocurrency by using other people’s CPU power and electricity in an unauthorized manner. YouTube was chosen for the activity as a user is most likely to spend longer time on the video platform.

Malware affecting business worldwide

There is no precise information available related to the time-frame of the event. However, cyber-security firms are claiming that the warning about the abusive ads started around January 18th. It should be noted that earlier this month, the cyber-world noticed a massive rise in crypto-mining malware affecting over 55% business worldwide.