No matter how learned you are about cryptocurrencies and ICOs, there will still be terms that’ll look vague when you come across them. One of those should be crypto bounties. In forums and articles about bounties, they make it look like it’s hunting for treasures. That’s how it seems though but not in reality.  In the cryptocurrency world, you carry out some tasks, jobs, and assignment in exchange for a reward by the coin developer. Crypto bounty tasks are never complex and complicated.

Bounty tasks don’t involve any form of programming or overly difficult tasks. They involve tasks that the coin developer can’t do due to it triviality or doesn’t have time to do. The tasks must, however, be completed as it contributes to the success of the tokens. Often times, an ICO always carry out a bounty campaign in anticipation of its initial coin offering. There are different form of bounties that can be performed in exchange for stakes;

  1. Social Media Campaign: The task of making individual know about an ICO can be costly without involving members of the community. Participants can help inform other members of the community about the ICO. Just get onto your Twitter pages, Facebook, and other social media forms. You will be given codes for easy tracking of the tasks you’ve performed.
  2. BitcoinTalk Signature Campaign: Being the most popular and recognized cryptocurrency forum, you can perform bounty tasks and be rewarded by the coin developer. You will have to upload a signature and make a stipulated number of constructive posts every week till the initial coin offering ends. Being a ranked forum, the higher your rank the higher the value of stakes received as bounty reward.
  3. Participation Campaign: This has been utilized majorly by BullToken. Community members are rewarded with karma for their quality contribution to deliberations. This is unlike other forms of bounties as it goes beyond the pre-token sales.
  4. Blog Post and Video Campaign: Stakes gotten from blog post and videos posted on video sharing sites depends on the number of views on the post. Quality matters also as it will determine the number of views and social signals. You will be provided a utm code to determine the traffic and views into your posts.
  5. Translation Campaign: Are you a native speaker of a language other than that of the coin developer? Then you can help translate in order to accumulate stakes. There are three translation bounty types; website translation, bitcointalk thread, and the whitepaper. All you have to do is to be sound in two languages, and have the patience to translate any of the three.


In essence, the acceptance of a token in the mainstream is highly dependent on the popularity, adoption, and usage. Other than stakes, a coin developer might offer items such as t-shirts, site badges, bitcoin and other gift items in exchange for the task performed. Active bounties can be found on BitcoinTalk Forum, just know where to search. You can also Google search using certain keywords, you might stumble on bounty to earn you stakes.