When you hear or see ICO, what comes to mind is IPO. They are different but with related ideas. BitcoinMarketJournal already considered the relationship and differences, concluding there is a wide gap between the two. Even though they are both forms of public sales, the assets and purpose of offering is different. So right now, you must understand what ICO denotes, you will be in a dilemma on why you should give it a good thought and take ICO more seriously. Just relax and read ahead, let’s give you 5 reasons why you need to take ICOs seriously and invest.

  1. Efficient Ways of Raising Capital

IPOs was the reigning thing in raising capital for investment in the early 2000s. Not until the Blockchain technology offered investors a more efficient, faster and straightforward means of raising capital. As an investor looking to raise capital, you need not wait for high network individuals to invest in your idea. ICO allows everyone within the ambience of the law guiding your ICO to invest. As a startup, you have access to all the capital you need without losing control to venture capitalists and there’s lesser paperwork to do also.

  1. Massive Returns on Investment

Initial Coin Offering is not meant to benefit only the start up company offering the coins. Investors are also going to be smiling to the bank after all. At this point you must have heard about Ethereum.  Offered as an ICO in 2014, raising  $18 million to help it stay afloat through out it lifetime. As at June 2017, Ethereum has grown to a massive $35 Billion in market capitalization. Do the math, and see the percentage of returns.

  1. Exposure For Altcoin Through ICO

Right now, even those in the third world are in a rave about Initial Coin Offering through Altcoin. Through ICO, you have in your hands a marketing and branding weapon to get many people on board. The beauty of it is that even an average Joe can invest in ICO with whatever they deem as capital. The popularity of Initial Coin Offering and the Blockchain technology can be utilized to your advantage as an ICO Founder.

  1. Diversification into Other Cryptos

Don’t think of ICO as a means of trapping your capital. By investing a little into an ICO, you are on your way to make a fortune on other cryptocurrencies. Your Altcoin is convertible to other cryptos. The smart ones even go into crypto arbitraging and make good income with every trade initiated.

  1. Altcoin Might Be The Future of Cryptocurrencies

At this juncture, you already know the benefits of owning Altcoin through Initial Coin Offering. Remember Video Cassette players? It was eventually replaced by Compact Disk. MySpace was the reigning social media platform at a point until Facebook came to dominate. Altcoin is your way into the future as far as some school of thought are concerned. One day, regardless of the position of Bitcoin Maximalists that Bitcoin is the only true cryptocurrency, Altcoin will eventually replace Bitcoin.