2019 Blockchain Milestones

  • 2019
    Jan 03

    Chilean Treasury Launches Blockchain Platform to Process Public Payments

  • 2019
    Jan 04

    Blockchain Project Aims to Reform Traditional Lottery in Nigeria

    Consensys and AMD to Jointly Develop Blockchain-Based Cloud Computing

  • 2019
    Jan 08

    KodakOne Blokchain Beta Test Sees $1 Million in Content Licensing Claims

  • 2019
    Jan 11

    Mongolia Partners with Stablecoin to use Blockchain for Lending Services, Money Transfers

  • 2019
    Jan 11

    NASA publishes proposal for Air Traffic Management blockchain based on Hyperledger

  • 2019
    Jan 12

    Blockchain research now granted tax credit in South Korea

  • 2019
    Jan 14

    Banking Giant HSBC’s blockchain platform processes $250 Billion in Forex in 2018

  • 2019
    Jan 16

    Blockchain Consortium R3 Launches Corda Network and Independent Governance Foundation

  • 2019
    Jan 17

    IBM-Backed Blockchain Platform to Improve Supply Chain Management in Mining Industry

    WWF launches blockchain tool to track food along Supply Chain

    Blockchain Tech Firm Blockstream Launches Beta Version of Satellite API for Data Broadcast

  • 2019
    Jan 18

    Blockchain Data Developers Spring Labs’ Research Program Gains 16 Startup Members

  • 2019
    Jan 21

    Spanish Port Authority Joins Blockchain Platform Developed by IBM and Maersk

  • 2019
    Jan 22

    ING Banks Signs 5-Year Licensing Deal with R3 for Access to its Blockchain Platform Corda

    JP Morgan-Backed Firm partners with Blockchain startup run by former Deloitte Exec

  • 2019
    Jan 23

    Enterprise Blockchain platform records 10K transactions per second in Testnet Launch

  • 2019
    Jan 24

    $20 Million Funding round in Blockchain Firm Symbiont includes Citigroup and Nasdaq

    StanChart’s Singapore Unit Completes First Blockchain-Powered Trade Finance Deal

    UK Standards Institution Partners with Blockchain Startup for Supply Chain Compliance

    Italian Government Introduces Blockchain Terms in Regulation for First Time

    Harvard and Levis Strauss Collaborate to Develop Blockchain-Based Factory Safety System

  • 2019
    Jan 25

    Cybersecurity Firm WISEKey, Tech Holding Censof Announce Malaysian Blockchain Center

    Insurance Giant Aetna Partners with IBM on Blockchain Network for HealthCare Industry

  • 2019
    Jan 29

    India: Bank Blockchain Consortium Targets Improvements to Small Business Financing

    R3 Consortium Member Closes $10 Million Funding Round for Blockchain ID platform

  • 2019
    Jan 30

    South Korean Fintech Firm Launches ‘First’ Won-Backed Stablecoin

    Italian Postal Services Joined Hyperledger Blockchain Community

  • 2019
    Feb 01

    IBM, Pacific International Lines Complete Blockchain Shipping Trial with Oranges

    Second Largest Korean Political Party to implement blockchain for member processes

  • 2019
    Feb 04

    Blockchain startup to verify degrees, skills and job roles to tackle dishonesty on resumes

    Overstock blockchain subsidiary to develop land registry in Tulum, Mexico

    Facebook acquires blockchain startup in apparent first

  • 2019
    Feb 06

    Wall Street blockchain alliance joins Enterprise Blockchain Consortium R3

  • 2019
    Feb 11

    IBM partnership uses blockchain, IoT to combat drought in California

  • 2019
    Feb 13

    Italian Banking Association further tests Interbank Blockchain system powered by R3

    Intel launches commercial blockchain package based on Hyperledger Fabric

    Altcoin Beam announces plans to incorporate Mimblewimble Lightning Network

  • 2019
    Feb 14

    HSBC reports 25% savings in Forex Trade settlement using blockchain

  • 2019
    Feb 15

    Hyundai commercial partners with IBM to accelerate blockchain development

  • 2019
    Feb 17

    Waste Management firm launches blockchain platform in UAE city

  • 2019
    Feb 19

    Major Spanish bank BBVA issues $40 Million Green Bond based on Blockchain Platform

  • 2019
    Feb 20

    Indian e-commerce giant partners with blockchain logistics and shipping platform

  • 2019
    Feb 21

    LA Kings confirm release of a blockchain merchandise authenticator

    Malta to store education certificates on a blockchain

    Latin America’s largest investment bank to launch its own security token

    Commerzbank, Siemens and Continental to complete blockchain money market pilot

  • 2019
    Feb 25

    Accenture works with Mastercard, Amazon to boost circular supply chain using DLT

  • 2019
    Feb 26

    Russia Ministry of Transport to pilot IBM Maersk blockchain platform

    Microsoft, Telefonica to work on blockchain innovation in fresh partnershipdeal

  • 2019
    Feb 27

    Sony and Fujitsu develop blockchain platform to fight fake education qualifications

    Turkish telecom giant Turkcell introduces Blockchain ID management product

  • 2019
    Mar 01

    Swedish Digital Marketing firm launches blockchain-based ad network

  • 2019
    Mar 02

    Major Saudi ATM provider partners with Blockchain Identity Firm

    Blockchain releases upgrade of its Bitcoin Lightning Network Implementation

  • 2019
    Mar 04

    Major US retailer Kroger drops Visa, Morgan Creek Digital suggests Lightning Network

    Ridesharing app Lyft partners with blockchain startup to tokenize healthcare transport

  • 2019
    Mar 06

    Japanese banks unite to launch DLT Finance Platform Services

    Swift, HSBC, Deutsche Bank to conduct blockchain based e-voting

    Blockchain based journalism platform Civil launches

  • 2019
    Mar 07

    Russian Federation launches blockchain based E-Voting

  • 2019
    Mar 08

    IBM reveals two further blockchain patents for security and database management

  • 2019
    Mar 11

    Investment Firm Invesco launches blockchain ETF on London Stock Exchange

  • 2019
    Mar 12

    MyEtherWallet launches new open source Ethereum blockchain explorer

  • 2019
    Mar 13

    Vonage subsidiary receives patent to secure voice communications with blockchain

  • 2019
    Mar 14

    IBM publishes patent for resisting replay attacks in permissioned blockchains

    French Court Clerks to use IBM blockchain platform for Corporate Registry

  • 2019
    Mar 19

    Kakao-backed firm Dunamu launches blockchain service platform

  • 2019
    Mar 21

    UPS integrates blockchain platforms to improve merchant supply chains

  • 2019
    Mar 22

    Bayer’s Agricultural Division partners with ConsenSys-backed startup BlockApps

  • 2019
    Mar 25

    Crypto Exchange OKEx is developing its own blockchain

  • 2019
    Mar 26

    Hershey Chocolate company joins blockchain advertising consortium

  • 2019
    Mar 28

    Corda Blockchain trade finance platform Marco Polo sees first transactions

    India to use blockchain to improve coffee supply chain

  • 2019
    Apr 02

    PayPal invests in Digital Identity-focused blockchain startup in apparent first

  • 2019
    Apr 03

    Cybersecurity, Blockchain firm WISeKey acquires interest in Data Infrastructure firm

  • 2019
    Apr 04

    Austria’s largest energy provider develops Fridge with Bosch

    Blockchain Software Firm Digital Asset Open Sources its DAML Language

  • 2019
    Apr 05

    Barclays, RBS join 40-Strong R3 Blockchain real estate trial

  • 2019
    Apr 08

    Capital One presents blockchain patent for content validation

    Global Consulting company Accenture patents two solutions for blockchain interoperability

    Western Union Partners with e-wallet Coins.ph for Cross-border remittances

    IBM patents blockchain implementation to manage data for autonomous vehicles

  • 2019
    Apr 10

    Blockchain prediction platform Augur to launch stablecoin DAI-Denominated markets

  • 2019
    Apr 11

    Tata Consultancy Services powers blockchain-based cross-border securities settlement

    Horizen Labs raises $4 Million to build sidechain-as-a-service platform

  • 2019
    Apr 12

    ICC to support blockchain adoption among its 45 million member businesses

  • 2019
    Apr 15

    Nestlé, Carrefour work with IBM to track Mashed Potato brand with blockchain

    ING bank releases blockchain privacy tool bulletproofs

    US Researchers develop blockchain protocol to fight counterfeit pharmaceuticals

  • 2019
    Apr 16

    Blockchain firm digital asset integrates smart contract language with Hyperledger

  • 2019
    Apr 17

    EY launches beta test version of smart contract analyser for Ethereum blockchain

    Accenture, Genrali launch blockchain solution for employee benefits

  • 2019
    Apr 18

    Volkswagen joins IBM-backed blockchain platform for Cobalt Supply Chains

    Stablecoin USDT launched on Tron Blockchain

  • 2019
    Apr 22

    JP Morgan Chase to add new features to blockchain powered network for global bank

  • 2019
    Apr 24

    IBM issued patent for DLT-supported data sharing and validation

    Lightning Labs launched Lightning network client for main bitcoin network

  • 2019
    Apr 25

    Blockchain payments firm Bitspark releases stablecoin pegged to Phiilipine Peso

    IBM to apply blockchain tech to Lenovo’s data centers

  • 2019
    Apr 26

    Samsung IT subsidiary releases Nexledger, a new version of Enterprise blockchain platform

  • 2019
    Apr 29

    Neo 3.0 to launch on new blockchain network

  • 2019
    Apr 30

    Amazon Web Services lauches managed blockchain service

  • 2019
    May 01

    Trust Token launches stablecoin backed by Canadian Dollar

  • 2019
    May 02

    Washington state law recognizes blockchain records as legally valid and enforceable

    Singapore and Canada bank completes first cross-border blockchain payment

    Indian tech giant Mahindra to combat spam phone calls with blockchain

    Upgraded Hyperledger Fabric sees 7-fold increase in transaction speed

  • 2019
    May 03

    Microsoft releases blockchain manager app

  • 2019
    May 06

    Blockchain driven ad campaign for PepsiCo increases efficiency by 28%

    Facebook acquires Libra trademark to work on its secretive cryptocurrency

    Ecuadorian shrimp producer joins IBM’s blockchain based food trust platform

  • 2019
    May 07

    Microsoft releases new Azure Blockchain development kit for Ethereum blockchain

  • 2019
    May 08

    Facebook revises policy on blockchain ads, crypto-related materials

  • 2019
    May 09

    Facebook may announce FB coin stablecoin in Q3

    Samsung SDS includes blockchain within digital transformation framework

    JPMorgan overhauls Quorum’s privacy architecture with the help from Microsoft

  • 2019
    May 10

    Nordic banking giant Nordea opens blockchain trading platform to more clients

  • 2019
    May 13

    Ethereum Consortium launches new enterprise tools with input from Microsoft intel

    Microsoft builds decentralized identity network on top of bitcoin blockchain

  • 2019
    May 14

    Hyperledger rolls out suite of blockchain tools for interoperability

  • 2019
    May 16

    World bank leads secondary market phase of Bond-I blockchain bond

    Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior owner unveils blockchain platform to verify luxury goods

  • 2019
    May 17

    Amazon patent casts light on plans to create proof-of-work blockchain analog

    ABB launches blockchain pilot for solar energy sector

  • 2019
    May 21

    Chines E-Commerce giant JD.com applied for over 200 blockchain patents

  • 2019
    May 22

    Blockchain credit union consortium to use R3’s for Cross-border payments product

    Four banks successfully test new blockchain platform for processing promissory note loans

    Coinbase payment processing service now supports Circle’s USDC stablecoin

  • 2019
    May 23

    EEA releases report on blockchain use cases in real estate

    Coinbase now supports another stablecoin, MakerDao’s Dai

    E-Commerce giant Alibaba to integrate blockchain into intellectual property system

  • 2019
    May 27

    Korea’s oldest bank launches national blockchain-based loan platform

    Big Four Auditor EY provides blockchain solution for new wine traceability platform

  • 2019
    May 28

    World’s second and fourth biggest shipping firms join Maersk’s blockchain platform

    Velocity Ledger Technology launches Testnet and blockchain API in Bermuda

    Dubai Government and UAE Bank unveil blockchain-based mortgage platform

  • 2019
    May 29

    Virtual Racing Car in Blockchain game sells for over $110,000

    Salesforce introduces Hyperledger-based blockchain platform

  • 2019
    May 30

    World economic forum forms tech policy councils for blockchain, AI, IoT

  • 2019
    May 31

    Tether stablecoin now available on EOS blockchain

  • 2019
    June 03

    Brazilian Banks to Implement new Hyperledger-powered Digital ID platform

  • 2019
    June 05

    Raukten partners with Japan’s biggest firm to promote cashless payments

    Kodak reveals new blockchain-based document management system

    Russia’s third largest food retail firm uses blockchain-based Open Trade Finance Platform

    LINE Pay partners with Visa to launch Digital payment solution plus New Blockchain

  • 2019
    June 06

    Microsoft Registers Blockchain and AI platform for Agriculture in Brazil

  • 2019
    June 09

    Dubai Real Estate department signs MOU with Telecom Firms to Implement Blockchain

  • 2019
    June 10

    US National Association of realtors Invests in Blockchain-based real estate firm Propy

    Visa Launches Global cross-border network based on certain aspects of blockchain

  • 2019
    June 12

    Insurance firm Legal & General adopts Amazon’s blockchain for pension deals

    Azerbaijan Government partners with IBM on blockchain customs deal

    Enigma’s Ethereum-based private smart contract testnet goes Live

    Russian Authorities Sign MoU with Maersk to officially launch TradeLens in Russia

    IBM, Hyperledger Blockchain ID system for banks launches in Brazil

    General Motors participates in $23 Million Funding Round for Spring Labs blockchain firm

    Napster Creator’s blockchain firm Helium releases IoT hotspots

  • 2019
    June 13

    Brazil: R3 Develops blockchain platform with major banks and stock exchanges

    US FDA partners with IBM and Walmart to improve drug supply chain using blockchain

  • 2019
    June 17

    Japan Data Initiative brings blockchain security to 100 Major Businesses

    Polish Bank Verifies Documents with Ethereum Blockchain

    Accenture to sign blockchain ID deal with Canada, Netherlands and Aviation players

    IBM announced new multi-cloud update to blockchain

    MetLife’s LumenLab using blockchain to automate Life Insurance claims

  • 2019
    June 18

    Global Banking Giant HSBC Launches Tokenization-Based Receivables System for India

    SWIFT to Allow GPI Payments on Blockchain Platforms

  • 2019
    June 24

    Malta to Register All Rent Contracts on Blockchain

    Walmart China will track food in supply chain with Vechain’s Thor Blockchain

  • 2019
    June 26

    Opera releases iOS version of its ‘blockchain-ready’ mobile web browser

  • 2019
    June 27

    LG uses new blockchain DApp platform from Korean Internet Giant Kakao

    Brimhall Foods to deliver products through blockchain-based ordering system

  • 2019
    June 29

    Daily Ethereum transactions exceed 1 Million, a first since May 2018

  • 2019
    July 01

    Brazilian Banks to Implement new Hyperledger-powered Digital ID platform

    Huobi unveiled ‘finance chain’ for building enterprise blockchain

    Dubai Chamber of Commerce signs MoU on blockchain trade solutions

    Blockchain based Insurance platform for farmer’s launches in Sri Lanka

  • 2019
    July 02

    Nestle revealed blockchain supply chain tracking pilot program

    Maritime Carrier Hapag-Llyod joined blockchain tracking platform TradeLens

    IOTA Foundation launched Trinity, a new software wallet for IOTA tokens

    Samsung, Dutch Bank, Rotterdam Port send blockchain-tracked shipment

  • 2019
    July 03

    UN looks to blockchain to aid sustainable urban development in Afghanistan

    IBM launched blockchain pilot for bank guarantee process

  • 2019
    July 04

    Fujitsu unveiled blockchain-based identity and credential rating service

  • 2019
    July 05

    Blockchain based used car data marketplace to launch in Singapore

    Oracle and World Bee project to track honey sustainability on blockchain

  • 2019
    July 09

    Korea’s LG launched blockchain supply chain for school lunches

    Uber Health partners with blockchain startup to transport patients

    Italy, Sweden, and Czechia to lead European blockchain partnership

  • 2019
    July 10

    Shell invested in blockchain based energy startup

    HSBC blockchain connection reduced transaction time by 40%

    Samsung released blockchain and DApp software development kit

  • 2019
    July 11

    Cadence launched blockchain based tokenized debt marketplace

  • 2019
    July 13

    Brazilian state launched blockchain platform for Government contract bids

  • 2019
    July 15

    South Korea’s biggest credit card patents blockchain payments system

  • 2019
    July 17

    IBM tripled the number of blockchain patents in US since last year

    McDonald’s, Nestle and Virgin Media joined blockchain in advertising pilot

    Huobi Transitions from current HUSD system to new ERC-20 token

  • 2019
    July 20

    KPMG to work with Microsoft, Tomia and R3 on blockchain telecom solutions

  • 2019
    July 22

    Proof-of-Verified-Security blockchain based on DeepSea language goes Live

  • 2019
    July 24

    The New York Times started using Hyperledger Fabric to fight fake news

    Metamask launched Mobile App beta to broaden appeal of Ethereum DApps

  • 2019
    July 29

    Chile based remittance and payment firm CurrencyBird joins RippleNet

  • 2019
    July 30

    Phillipine’s UnionBank launched payment focused stablecoins

    US awards patent for blockchain-based firearm data recording system

    Seagate moving forward with blockchain pilot to track hard drives

  • 2019
    July 31

    Dubai to launch KYC-Focused blockchain consortium for businesses in 2020

  • 2019
    Aug 01

    Malta business registry adopted blockchain

    Hong Kong’s flagship airline Cathay Pacific used blockchain in ULDs

    Canadian transcontinental railway joined blockchain in transport alliance

  • 2019
    Aug 02

    Blockchain browser brave launched token tipping service for Twitter users

    Nexo launched Mastercard branded crypto credit card

  • 2019
    Aug 05

    IBM launched new blockchain platform for supplier data management

  • 2019
    Aug 06

    TZERO announced patent for traditional exchange blockchain integration

  • 2019
    Aug 07

    Samsung expands its blockchain DApp Kit with new services, updated wallet

  • 2019
    Aug 08

    Standard Chartered makes letter of credit transaction using blockchain

  • 2019
    Aug 11

    Live Planted unveiled blockchain-based virtual reality network

  • 2019
    Aug 12

    IBM filed for a blockchain enabled web browser patent

    Indian Telecom Jio revealed blockchain network for 330M customers

  • 2019
    Aug 13

    IBM and Tata becomes governing council owners of Hedera DLT platform

    Mike Tyson chose blockchain for a new venture

    Google Cloud partners with enterprise blockchain platform Cypherium

  • 2019
    Aug 15

    Walmart files patent for blockchain-based drone communication system

  • 2019
    Aug 16

    Salesforce blockchain certified first-ever artwork painted Lamborghini

  • 2019
    Aug 19

    World bank raises $33M via blockchain for its Kangaroo bond

    Ethereum blockchain almost full, said Vitalik Buterin

  • 2019
    Aug 23

    Africa’s largest bank joined blockchain based Marco Polo Network

  • 2019
    Aug 26

    NEC and partners to create blockchain identity system for Buenos Aires

  • 2019
    Aug 27

    The Bug Bounty program for Facebook’s Libra opened to public

    Gemini joined Silvergate Exchange Network for 24/7 fiat money transfers

  • 2019
    Aug 28

    JPMorgan veterans brought free BaaS platform to Azure

  • 2019
    Aug 29

    US banking giant PNC used RippleNet for cross-border payments

    Mercedes-Benz in China joined PlatOn for blockchain used Car Data

  • 2019
    Aug 30

    DLT Platform Hedera Hashgraph’s open beta test slated to start in September

    Gemini joined Silvergate Exchange Network for 24/7 fiat money transfers

  • 2019
    Sep 04

    TruTrance partnered with Deloitte to track Cannabis using blockchain

    Matercard joins blockchain software firm R3’s Marco Polo Network

  • 2019
    Sep 05

    Foundation used blockchain and crypto to help save the Brazilian Amazon

    Binance joined forces with Paxos to launch USD-backed stablecoin ‘BUSD’

  • 2019
    Sep 09

    World’s first blockchain smartphone to become available in new market

  • 2019
    Sep 11

    Amazon Web Services announced cryptography-using quantum ledger database

    Mastercard partnered with blockchain firm R3 for payments solution

  • 2019
    Sep 12

    Santander issued $20M end-to-end blockchain bond on Ethereum

    Alfa-bank launched Bank-as-a-Service platform on Waves Blockchain

  • 2019
    Sep 15

    Kaleido blockchain implemented QEDIT’s Zero-Knowledge proof solution

  • 2019
    Sep 18

    Coffee industry taps IBM blockchain solution to track Supply Chain

  • 2019
    Sep 19

    Bank of America joined R3’s Marco Polo blockchain Global Trade Network

  • 2019
    Sep 25

    Dailmer conducted transaction on Marco Polo trade finance network

    Lloyds bank partnered with blockchain platform to streamline trade finance

  • 2019
    Sep 29

    New Balance used Cardano blockchain to confirm product authenticity

  • 2019
    Oct 03

    Samsung-backed blockchain firm launched in UAE after securing $16M

    IKEA in ‘World First’ Transaction Using Smart Contracts and Licensed E-Money

  • 2019
    Oct 05

    Walmart started to use blockchain tech to track shrimp Supply Chains

  • 2019
    Oct 07

    Major South Korean store chain started to support blockchain payments app

    Enterprise Ethereum Alliance’s reward token system backed by Microsoft, Intel

  • 2019
    Oct 08

    EOS Developer Block.one released version 2.0 of EOSIO protocol

  • 2019
    Oct 10

    Perth Mint, InfiniGold launched gold-backed token on public blockchain

  • 2019
    Oct 11

    IBM launched new blockchain supply chain product using Red Hat Tech

    Facebook sued for trademark infringement over Libra logo design

    Visa, Ebay, Stripe and Mastercard abandoned Facebook’s Libra Project

  • 2019
    Oct 12

    Alfa-Bank, Commerzbank pilot cross-border payments on R3’s Marco Polo

  • 2019
    Oct 14

    BMW, General Motors, Ford started testing blockchain payments in cars

    Singapore Shipping Association to deploy blockchain for ship registration

    LiquidApps released horizontal blockchain scaling solution

    Booking Holding left Facebook’s Libra Association

  • 2019
    Oct 15

    Ford used blockchain tech to track ‘Green Miles’ driven by vehicles

  • 2019
    Oct 16

    HSBC enacted first letter of credit on a blockchain in Malaysia

    EY unveiled public finance blockchain to track government spending

  • 2019
    Oct 18

    UK-based digital exchange to use R3’s Corda for Post-Trade processes

    Two more US jurisdictions launched blockchain-based mobile voting

  • 2019
    Oct 20

    Remittances partnership to use Cambodia central bank’s blockchain system

  • 2019
    Oct 21

    Canadian Terminal Operator joins Maersk and IBM’s TradeLens

  • 2019
    Oct 23

    TBCASoft, IBM and SoftBank announced a mobile payment blockchain

  • 2019
    Oct 24

    Consensys unveiled Ethereum-based satellite tracker

  • 2019
    Oct 25

    WeChat Pay to start using blockchain to track payments

  • 2019
    Oct 28

    Largest American Food Coop to pilot Mastercard’s blockchain tech

    Major Latin American development bank piloted blockchain for land registry

  • 2019
    Oct 29

    Deloitte integrated QEDIT’s privacy tech into its blockchain platform

  • 2019
    Nov 04

    Tron Network total accounts passed 4 million after Samsung partnership

    Deutsche Telekom’s blockchain firm partners with Malta Government Agency

    Kadena blockchain Mainnet went LIVE

  • 2019
    Nov 05

    China introduces blockchain-based identification system for cities

    Coca Cola used blockchain for $21-billion-per-year networ

    Fujitsu and Rice Exchange Bring to Market First Global Blockchain Rice Trading Platform

    Oxfam’s blockchain-based agricultural insurance pays farmers in Sri Lanka

  • 2019
    Nov 06

    AEternity releases final hard fork software to compete with Ethereum

    Tradewind digital platform used blockchain to track provenance of Gold

    Azerbaijan to adopt blockchain-based ID system in 2020

    Volvo to use blockchain-traceable Cobalt in its electric car batteries

  • 2019
    Nov 08

    Power Ledger strikes deal to roll out in blockchain in South Australia

  • 2019
    Nov 11

    Canadian blockchain form launched USD-pegged stablecoin CUSD

    Airbnb bookings opened with bitcoin and Lightning network via Fold App

  • 2019
    Nov 12

    Wyoming unveiled first-ever crypto custody rules for blockchain banks

    Huobi Chain Blockchain completes planned open source developer rollout

  • 2019
    Nov 13

    UPS and Agritech firm use blockchain to verify beef shipment from US to Japan

  • 2019
    Nov 14

    Power Ledger completed peer-to-peer solar energy trading trial in India

    Samsung SDS to use Zero-knowledge proofs on business blockchain

    Walmart Canada rolled out blockchain based freight and payment system

  • 2019
    Nov 18

    Visa worked on blockchain system for joint computation of large-scale private data

  • 2019
    Nov 19

    Lamborghini uses Salesforce blockchain to certify heritage cars

  • 2019
    Nov 20

    Libra network logged over 30 projects in the past two months of testing

    Sberbank patents blockchain repo solution in a purported first for Russia Banks

    With 7,600 blockchain patent applications, Chinese firms far outpace US

  • 2019
    Nov 21

    LG and Kakao partnered to bridge public and private blockchain

  • 2019
    Nov 22

    Alibaba Filmmaking arm to distribute new movie rights via tokens

    Blockchain security firm CertiK to launch beta for Smart Contracts focused chain

  • 2019
    Nov 25

    Thailand introduced blockchain-based tax refunds for oil exporters

  • 2019
    Nov 29

    IBM filed a blockchain patent for fighting package theft by drone

  • 2019
    Dec 01

    Softbank releases debit cards with built-in blockchain wallet

  • 2019
    Dec 02

    Monero implements hard fork, including new ASIC-resisting mining algorithm

    Ripple transferred 1 Billion XRP tokens from escrow wallet and back again

  • 2019
    Dec 03

    Deutsche Boerse’s DLT security lending platform saw first transactions

  • 2019
    Dec 05

    Microsoft announces token collectibles on Ethereum blockchain

    T-Minus 1,000 blocks until Ethereum’s Istanbul Hard Fork

  • 2019
    Dec 07

    Istanbul upgrade goes live on Ethereum

    Italian Copyright Authority and Algorand develop blockchain ecosystem for copyright management

  • 2019
    Dec 08

    Microsoft Azure announces blockchain token and data management service

  • 2019
    Dec 09

    Bank of China uses Blockchain to issue $2.8B worth of financial bonds

  • 2019
    Dec 10

    JPMorgan’s blockchain network to launch in Japan in early 2020

    Santander redeems $20M bond using Ethereum blockchain

    Nike patents a system for tokenizing shoes on Ethereum’s blockchain

  • 2019
    Dec 11

    World’s 2nd largest bank CCB launches blockchain refactoring

  • 2019
    Dec 13

    Libra updates whitepaper, removes dividends for Libra Association

    Sweden’s central bank to partner with Accenture to launch E-Krona

    Ripple based remittance firm SendFriend claims to save up to 80% in fees

  • 2019
    Dec 16

    Tata Consultancy Services launches blockchain app deployment kit

  • 2019
    Dec 19

    EY releases new version of Zero-Knowledge proof blockchain to public domain

  • 2019
    Dec 20

    Major Asian shipping terminal joined IBM and Maersk's blockchain platform

  • 2019
    Dec 27

    National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) announced a blockchain-based payment system called Vajra