Extensive backend development services.

Our backend development services ensure that your application integrates with various tools and technologies and delivers value to your business.


  • API development
  • Marketing tools integration
  • Blockchain integration
  • Chat bot integration
  • IoT integration
  • Sync Services

Build smarter businesses with powerful software solutions


Wakandi offers a new-age infrastructure to transfer value to both banks and financial institutions in Africa.

Services we have offered:
  • Token development
  • Integration
  • Crypto wallets
  • DApps
  • Smart Contract
  • Hyperledger Fabric Integration
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A digital twin platform for buildings that collaborates with different digital modelling tools and offers valuable insights.

Services we have offered:
  • Application development
  • File management
  • IoT devices integration
  • Third-party software integration
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Hybeko is a leading supplier of lifts and lifting products in Norway focused on delivering quality products and extraordinary customer service.

Services we have offered:

  • Technical consulting
  • API development
  • Software development
  • IT system integration
  • Database management

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