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We bring value to our clients by collaborating with them in turning creative ideas into working concepts.


How the Akeo Tech-Start process is unique

Akeo Tech-Start is an innovative approach to help our clients analyze new possibilities and bring ideas to life.

With Akeo Tech-Start, we offer valuable insight into whether a concept or product could be taken to market or developed with emerging technology. We brainstorm the concept and business idea in multiple interactive sessions. The idea is then tested, improved, and implemented to suit the needs of the right target audience.

The business solution is developed via user-stories which helps businesses to keep a better hold on the development process. Moreover, it becomes easy to retrace steps and introduce idea alterations whenever needed.


No one understands your business and market like yourself. That’s why we work closely with customers to understand the business plan.

Research and workshops

From concept to code, we help you ensure the idea fits into your business strategic plans. 

Proof of Concept

Together, we create a technical that can be tested against the most important target groups.

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Feasibility Studies

With feasibility study, we objectively and rationally uncover the strengths and weaknesses of a business idea. Also, It is necessary that before the development process starts, we figure out the cost required and value to be attained.

Concept development

Once an idea is screened for its quality, then the concept development stage follows. The development of the concept is carried out by keeping in mind the needs of the customers as well as the nature of the product.

Pilot Testing

Pilot testing helps you to score the feasibility of your idea. It offers insights on how best to observe how things go to help you improve the process.

Developing MVP

For every business, ‘time’ is a vital element. MVP enables faster time to market, attract early adopters, and achieve product-market fit from early on. With a limited budget, it is best suggested to launch a MVP.

Integrating relevant technology

Deciding on the technology that best aligns with the business is hard. As experience tech developers we advise on the technology stack and platforms to use that will give scalability and performance over time.

Business Scalability

With scalability, we help companies improve and grow without affecting its quality of service, and this will be defined by the strategy and design of the business model.

How does Akeo Tech-Start work?

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From Idea to Reality

Sele Mduda

Key Account Manager, Wakandi

You made it possible. We started a project with Akeo that we believe will change the way people handle their cash and data. Team Akeo made the project production-ready in no time. Apart from great understanding of Distributed Ledger Technology, the company has dedicated employees who give everything to each project to make it a great success story.

Thanks Team Akeo!

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Nedim Mavric

CEO, Adress

An open discussion at the Akeo Office offered a lot of value. They brought fresh and valuable insights in connection with the design of the product. The entire team is very agile and delivered exactly what we wanted. Without a doubt, I would recommend Akeo Tech-Start to the budding start-up businesses.

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Geir Nystrand

Project Manager, Miris AS

We have developed a great partnership with Akeo and their dedication to our product Miris-Exact is remarkable. We appreciate their approach to technology, attention to detail, and creative ways to bring a new product to life.

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Ayoola Brimmo

Director, Cycled Technologies AS

The Akeo team has a unique aptitude for delivering high quality and balanced solutions. You will be sure to receive a product that is not only technologically sound but also commercially appealing to the end users.

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