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What we do

As a partner in concept development we work with the client all the way from the beginning, until the project goes live and further into maintanence agreement.

Concept development

The world is rapidly changing and it is more important then ever to keep up. Let us help you see how your business concept can be compatible witht he future. 


feasability studies

Creating a concept who is comaptible with both blockcain and costumer experiance is an important step towards a successfull implementation. We conduct feasibility study to look further into how to make the correct changes.


We deliver all stages of the development process, from proof of concept (POC) untill the project is launched. 

Our developers has the expertise and experiance to bring the project to the next level.

Considering a Blockchain project?

We at Akeo truly believe that the Blockchain- and DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) might change the world as we know it. The revolution that is happening right now might be as the upcoming of the internet. However, there are still some obsticles that needs to be handled befor the technology can go mainstream. Akeo are early movers in this new world and we would love to have an informal discussion regarding how to implement DLT to your current business concept. 


Tokenising assets using smart contracts

Not all projects are fit as a “normal” Blockchain project, but dont worry! Akeo has omight have another solution for you. Together with a soon-to-be announced auditing company, we are working on creating a standardized model who will be creating a token from a company stick. This means that any company looking to raise money can use our solution. This is called TAO (Token Asset Offering) and we believe that this will be the next big thing in terms of offering tokens. 

Are you a hosting company?

Many hosting companies are looking into this new exciting world only to discover that the production-ready Blockchain might not be so ready anyway. We are constantly evolving and expanding our horizon to be able to work together with our partners. Hosting providers will be important pieces of the big Blockchain puzzle.