Akeo Back-End Core

Build your idea on a ready foundation

Akeo Back-end core is an advanced framework that consists of tools, codes and programs to develop applications without writing much code. The main objective of the framework is to give you the freedom to utilize existing elements and add new resources for producing custom software and tools.

A solution-driven framework

Akeo Back-end core aims rapid product development and provides all basic tools and features to offer a superior experience. The framework allows you to build products and services easily without the need to start everything from scratch.


Get all the basic set of features with the facility to combine them or customize everything and build on top of it.


A framework so strong and responsive, it adapts all modern-day technologies to cater to your business needs.


Seamless integration with existing software from advanced tools like CRM and ERP to basic ones such as email and HR.

Framework features

Akeo Back-end Core is a high-level application framework that offers pragmatic features to develop applications more quickly. Here are the features that the framework offers to cater to your product requirements.

Customizable Design

Customizable design to offer more personalized end product. Allows you to fabricate fresh business modules too.

Blockchain Support

Supports blockchain technology integration to build services and tools like payment systems and smart contracts.

Quartz Integration

Offers automatic scheduling for tasks to support the workflow process and provide timely services within the application.

Multi-Layered Framework

Provides a layered framework to help reduce complexities and to enhance code reusability for the business.

Software Multi-Tenancy

Provides a robust architecture in which a single instance of a software runs on a server and serves multiple customers.

Role-Based Authentication

Provides role-based authentication with integration with LDAP, AD, and OWIN Integration.