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Switchr AS



Concept & Business development


Switchr was born from a shared vision – to make it easy for everyone to be a part of the switch to clean and renewable energy.

We all know the energy demand is increasing day by day. However, not everyone knows how to tackle the situation. Switchr is a global movement and solar investment platform where you can engage in the great energy revolution while making an income.

The business model elaborates how to buy and optimize solar-plants with strict investment criteria where there is a potential for increased performance. They will also develop and build utility-scale solar-assets in both developed and emerging markets. This will make it easy to get access to the fragmented second-hand market as well as meet the extensive demand for energy across the globe.

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Switchr was looking to expand their business value through business- and technological advancements. They needed a technology that would help them launch their solar movement through the markets effectively. Above all, they wanted to supplement their already existing momentum, as well as open new doors to bring fresh opportunities.

What did we do

Akeo worked with Switchr to navigate the technological landscape in order to select and implement several technologies into their business model and platform. From these technological choices, we identified the changes needed in the business model, legal frameworks and current technology stack.
Akeo produced a concept paper, outlining the legal, technical and business requirements to reach their objectives. This included technical architecture as well as technology stack and points of integration.


We delivered both a web application and a wrapped mobile application for both iOS and Android. The web application included a frontend investor panel, and a backend administrator panel.

The frontend web application and mobile app included features such as:

  • Payout calculations
  • Overview of investments
  • Ability to buy solar panels, and gift them to others, from multiple solar parks
  • Interest and return calculations
  • Investor profile
  • Real-time weather data in the different solar parks
  • KYC

The backend application included:

  • Investor information management
  • Ability to create coupons for users
  • Various filtering abilities to generate reports and tables with differing investor information
  • Creation of new solar parks
  • KYC monitoring


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