Exploring the opportunities in your ideas.

We bring value to our clients by collaborating with them in turning creative ideas into working concepts.

Akeo Tech-Start

Akeo Tech-Start is an innovative approach to help our clients analyze new possibilities and bring ideas to life.


No one understands your business and market like yourself. That’s why we work closely with customers to understand the business plan.

Research and workshops

From concept to code, we help you ensure the idea fits into your business strategic plans. Plotting the costs, demand, and profit margin alongside.


Together, we create a technical architecture that can be tested against the most important target groups.


Improving the way money is handled in societies, both for domestic and international remittance.

An alliance of independent banks that work together to help customers with the everyday economy.

A pioneering platform developed to empower landfill waste collectors in the developing world.

Nurture your concept with our tech capabilities