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As industries are advancing towards software and modern technologies, Akeo is finding ways to fulfill the constantly growing need of new business software solutions. We follow a unique approach of developing frameworks that foster business growth and shortens software development time.

Our advanced framework provides all basic tools and features to build software without the need to start everything from scratch. It is a multi-layered platform that is scalable and can be integrated with numerous modern-day technologies like Blockchain.

A ready framework for business lead management: AkeoCRM

Businesses have always struggled with fragmented tools, unorganized customer data, manual documentation and more. All these issues lead to counterproductive activities which hinder business growth. In order to provide a viable solution, we developed AkeoCRM to help companies manage their leads and organizing everything effectively.

AkeoCRM is an intuitive CRM software that caters to customized business needs and manages clients, customers and employees effectively. It is a modular framework that is designed in such a way that it can be used to create business specific CRM software to offer customized solutions to a wide range of industries.

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Using AI against payment frauds

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How Big Data can benefit the finance industry

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