Infrastructure for a cashless society

“You made it possible. We started a project with Akeo that we believe will change the way people handle their cash and data. Team Akeo made the project production-ready in no time. Apart from great understanding of Distributed Ledger Technology, the company has dedicated employees who give everything to each project to make it a great success story.”
Thanks Team Akeo!

Sele MdudaKey Account Manager, Wakandi


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Wakandi Group AS




Wakandi was started with a mission to develop a high-end payment solution that can drive innovation and provide cheaper and more transparent ways of moving value. In addition, Wakandi aimed to create a possibility of making payments traceable through DLT in order to reduce corruption and fraudulent activities.


Wakandi wanted to introduce fresh technology to the existing banking network and infrastructure used to transfer money. Akeo carried out a detailed concept study with the customer. The result was an all-inclusive infrastructure based on Hyperledger Fabric’s blockchain technology. With this infrastructure, Wakandi is able to decrease the cost of value transfers, remittance payments moreover, increases the speed, security and availability of financial services.

What did we do

Working as the technical partners for Wakandi, Akeo developed the concept as well as the associated software for a network based on Hyperledger Fabric. Akeo also developed several use-case applications as well as complete documentation for the infrastructure adoption by the businesses


  • PISP integration
  • Hyperledger Fabric network integration 
  • Interaction between multiple operators
  • Hyperledger Documentation
  • Code samples and sample applications
  • Sandbox Releases

Wakandi Group currently is in talks with the authorities and private companies in countries such as Rwanda, Tanzania and Ghana.