We, at Akeo, always try to explore new ways to learn and enhance our capabilities. This time, it was highly inspiring and challenging at the same time as we organized an event ‘Blockchain Pitch Deck’. It was a company-wide event to pitch business ideas based on blockchain.

The challenge was to present a unique idea that is technically viable, scalable, and solves an environment-related issue. Five teams registered to present their business plan to the jury. The jury panel included our very own Espen Moen Kvelland (Founder), Tormod Lindøe (CEO) and Manish Gupta (CTO). The event began with a speech by Espen Moen Kvelland, inspiring us to forget all our worries and perform with confidence. Being charged up, every team presented their business plans with great passion. The presentations were followed by a quick round of Q/As.

Every project had its own unique points and a well-thought-out way to solve environmental challenges. Some wanted to solve issues related to the emission of climate gasses, solar energy, and paper-based voting; while some wanted to build a blockchain-based platform to cope with air pollution and natural disasters. Two blockchain-based solutions were awarded as winners – Air Ledger and Akeo Greentech for Professionals.

It was a great event for us where we experienced how an idea is conceived, brought to the market and of course, pitched to investors! We are already looking forward to more such opportunities to learn and grow together.

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