Whether it’s about team bonding or showing one’s cooking skills, a potluck is the perfect way to add fun to the workplace. And team Akeo remains at the front foot when it comes to treating their taste buds.

With multiple cuisines and lip-smacking dishes, the whole team got together to eat and enjoy at Akeo Khau Gali. Yes! That’s the name of our potluck event. It was a cuisine-based party, and every team has its own recipes to make. Everybody was busy setting up their stalls and prepping their dishes to serve. With stalls like Rajasthani, Chinese, Italian, fast food, and desserts, nobody could resist themselves. One by one, teams visited the stalls to enjoy the feast. This potluck was filled with a positive flicker of involvement and gave us wonderful moments to cherish. The spirit of great work culture made the potluck more delicious and desserts even sweeter.

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