Akeo celebrated its eight glorious years in business recently. Both Norway and the Indian team graced the event. Our very own Chief Innovation Officer, Ashish Gupta got the party rolling and shared his thoughts on how Akeo is full of possibilities and also can turn those possibilities into opportunities.

The event was also a proud moment for us to celebrate everyone’s successes, excellent team deliveries, and projects which are changing lives in the real world. We always knew that our Chief Technical Officer, Manish Gupta is a great story-teller and we were proved right yet again when he narrated a fantastic story about how with teamwork even tricky tasks can be completed efficiently.

Amidst the fun, frolic, and dance, the team members also performed a fun skit which very-well depicted the #AkeoLife. Also, everyone was eagerly waiting to know the winners of #BlockchainPitchDeck, who were announced by the jury the same evening.

The party couldn’t have been complete without a few golden words from our Founder, Espen Moen Kvelland. Espen shared his plan and vision for Akeo and how it has grown from a baby to being a teenager who is exploring technology with explosive enthusiasm.

The evening not only brought us a lot closer as a family but also pumped us all, to achieve more heights and look forward to the next Annual Party with two-fold enthusiasm!

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