From shimmering diyas to the enchanting fireworks, Diwali is an uncommonly beautiful festival. It is a time of sheer joy when all the team members come together and light up the evening with their smiles.

We found a unique way to enjoy Diwali festivities with theme-based ‘desk decoration competition’ and ‘patakhe awards.’ The competition was about how intuitively the teams decorate their desks, where everybody churned their creativity wheels. After a long session of hard-work, two teams with Ramayana and Halloween theme decorations won the prizes. Going with the theme of Diwali, people were also awarded based on their ‘patakha’ talent. It was quite interesting and amusing how our colleagues were given the title of Ladi, Fooljhadi, and Atom Bomb to name a few.

The celebration focused more on hidden talents and how we performed as a team. With the charm of lights and decoration all over the place, the team enjoyed the competition followed by yummy refreshments. The whole event was filled with fun and excitement with a positive flicker of involvement amongst all employees.

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