It has been over a year since we at Akeo decided to work from home. We were quick to adopt the new normal and swiftly moved to a work-from-home setup.

At first, it was pretty challenging to work from our home offices. We missed our face-to-face interactions, tea breaks, watercooler talks, and lunch break strolls. Soon after, we embraced the new, more digital way of working. Slack and Google became our best friends, tea breaks and strolls were replaced by virtual chit-chat sessions, online fun activities, and games. We also organized some team activities where each day one person is selected to share their favourite office memories, thoughts about the year 2020, and tips to stay motivated. It was also an opportunity for us to spend some quality time with our loved ones.

We also grew and prospered as a team as new people joined Akeo. They made the team stronger and more agile in this tough time. It still feels fascinating to build a bond with a colleague you have never met in real life and to work together in sync.

Working from home during COVID-19 helped us learn new things and understand how important it is to take care of personal health. We strive to follow the guidelines and stay in our homes till everything goes fine. Moreover, we aim to stay positive and gain newer heights as we continue to work in the new normal.

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