Recognised as a ´Gazelle Business´ for the third time

Today, Akeo was awarded the title “Gazelle Business” for the third consecutive year. The award is given to Norwegian companies with proven and sustainable economic growth.

“We are very proud to be a Gazelle business in Norway for the third time, as it speaks to the success of the company’s strategy. More importantly, it gives us an opportunity to celebrate our achievements with the entire team. We don’t plan to stop now,” says Tormod Lindøe, newly appointed CEO of Akeo. 

The road ahead is full of promises..

Tormod has been an asset as our CFO for years already. In this period Tormod and Akeo-founder Espen Moen Kvelland have worked to establish Akeo as one of the leading Concept and Software Development company in Norway and turning into an international company with its own development centre in Jaipur, India. 

“In the market of software development and software innovation, there are endless possibilities,” Lindøe continues. Building on our core competencies, deciding on a strong vision and standing shoulder-to-shoulder with customers who believe in our capabilities, has proven to be the winning formula for Akeo’s growth over the past four years,” he explains. 

Tormod is also keen to highlight that none of this would have been possible without the hard work of the entire Akeo team. 

“I’m proud to be taking over such a talented team of engineers, concept developers, project managers, marketing resources and generalists that we have secured and fostered over the years. Our journey has just begun,” promises the new CEO. 

Fostering innovation

One such Akeo-born innovation journey led Espen Moen Kvelland (the entrepreneur who founded Akeo in 2009) to take the position of CEO, Ledgefarm AS and Wakandi Group this fall season. Wakandi is responsible for the distribution of one of the most exciting payment systems created.

This payment infrastructure grew out of Akeo’s aspirations and willingness to try out new, technical opportunities. While exploring the opportunities of various distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) and payment systems, we were lucky to find others who had the same vision. They took the leap to establish Ledgefarm and Wakandi to bring these products into the market, while Akeo could focus on building the technical infrastructure. 

Evaluating and unlocking the potential of various blockchain platforms has been extremely critical to Akeo in recent years. It also proved to be essential to financial success as well, is just a bonus. 

What is the Gazelle Award?
The Gazelle award is organized every year by Dagens Næringsliv, a leading business newspaper in Norway. The award is given to Gazelle companies (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) who meet a specific set of criteria: 

  • Double the turnover over four years
  • The company must be privately owned
  • Revenue exceeding a million NOK during the first year
  • Positive operating profit
  • Continuous growth

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