If you are old enough to have been around for the dotCOM frenzy in the 1990s and you feel you missed out on some investment opportunities, then NOT investing in Blockchain tech is like history repeating itself.

Since the early days of the internet there have been more and more opportunities in investing in new tech, but somehow you seem to always be a tad bit too late to enter the game. Well, here’s your chance once again. The world’s biggest digital revolution is coming again, and the possibilities are endless.

Blockchain technology is decade old now, but let me explain why in the grand scale of things, it’s still an emerging one.

Let’s take a quick look at what has happened since the first blockchain.

Blockchain Timeline

2009: Satoshi Nakamoto, an alias of an unknown person, invented the first blockchain (Bitcoin).

2015: Financial institutions and startups start to see new opportunities in Blockchain tech and it’s undiscovered potential.

2016: First pilot projects and deployments in the financial sector.

2017: Blockchain enterprise solutions are leaving the pilot phase and proceeding to wide-scale adoption.

2018: Blockchain is witnessing world-wide adoption in various industries majorly including banking and finance, real estate, supply chain, and retail.

2019 (expected): Blockchain would become a mainstream technology replacing old technologies with advanced digital solutions that are more secure and transparent.

Why is now the right time?

In the coming months, venture projects based on blockchain technologies will start generating revenue. This naturally will raise investor interest.

Investing in blockchain technology will become a mainstream financial opportunity. Getting in early will become harder and harder with every month that goes by.

The biggest players investing in blockchain tech today are also the early contributors to the technology. An increasing number of companies across a variety of industries are realizing that there is a pressing need to invest in blockchain technology. This will allow them to get ahead of the competition.

With tech giants like Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon now leading the way for new groups of investors, it’s easy to see that the blockchain revolution has only just begun.

It’s not too late. Don’t let this one pass you by, again!

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