According to a report on CoinDesk Korea, an English and a Korean version of the Panmunjom Declaration was signed at the Inter-Korean Summit where both the countries came together to discuss ways to end the war between them.

These two versions of the declaration are now stored on Ethereum’s blockchain. Ryu Gi- hyeok was the developer who contributed to the historic achievement of recording the Panmunjom Declaration, which he found on the Blue house homepage, on Ethereum. He also mentioned his plans to launch a website that will have “all historic records immutable and permanent” on a blockchain.

Gi-hyoek’s believes in blockchain as a Ledger of historical records. Also, a CoinDesk article points that the Korean Declaration is not the first in recent times. The #MeToo awakening, which bought sexual harassment of women in the workplace to light, used Ethereum blockchain to dodge censorship by Chinese Authorities.

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