This week in Blockchain #3

Were back and the week beginning the 6th of May has seen the Blockchain industry hitting new highs. This was a week where the Marshall Islands announced they were considering making Cryptocurrencies legal tender. This would make the Marshall Islands the first place in the world to recognise Cryptocurrencies as legal tender. This was also a week where technology giant Huawei announced its launch of its own Bitcoin Wallet. Finally this week China announced it will issue “Blockchain Standard” by 2019 to help bring further regulation to the industry.

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Monday 7th of May

BMW test drives Blockchain for car mileage tracking

This week Automotive Giant BMW announced plans to pilot a Blockchain platform to track mileage within some of its vehicles.

BMW has begun working with a Blockchain company called DOVU who has previously worked on other projects for the car company.  The focus the project is to measure the level of impact its vehicles are receiving whilst being driven by customers.

In exchange for tracking vehicle data, drivers are able to receive tokens which can later be used to spend on services such as car servicing or new car upgrades. All data will be stored on DOVUs Blockchain. The project should take around 6-8 weeks in order to gather enough data from the cars and BMW will then decide if it will roll out the project to help understand other forms of transport such as public buses.

This isn’t the first time a huge car company has utilized Blockchain technologies. Earlier this year in March, Porche announced plans to utilize Blockchain technologies to make the process of car sharing easier for its customers.

Tuesday 8th of May

Australia dedicates over $500k in a Blockchain study

In 2017 Australia announced plans to begin its first formal investigation into Blockchain technologies. The outcome was in the form several use cases for Blockchain technologies and the benefits they could bring. Earlier this week Australia announced it had dedicated over $500k from the government budget to further explore Blockchain applications.

The government will invest a further $0.7 million between 2018-2019 to explore where Blockchain technologies could further enhance government services. The government also mentioned Blockchain technologies in its “Digital Economy Strategy Consultation Paper”.  More details about the project can be found by clicking here.

Wednesday 9th May

Crypto Youtuber getting his own show on CBS

With the rapid evolvement of crypto currencies it was just a matter of time before a Crypto Youtuber got their own show. This week it was announced that Youtuber Crypto Crow will be getting his own TV show funded and hosted by Major American broadcasting company CBS.

Real name Jason Appleton, the show will be among the first of its kind and will host hot Blockchain topics such as; ICOs, Bot trading and crypto mining. The focus of the show it seems is to further educate Blockchain enthusiasts and keep the wider community up to date with further developments in the sector.

The show is currently being recorded and the network will air 13 episodes off “The Crypto Crow Show” and is to be scheduled to start on June 25th.

Links to Crypto Crows Youtube channel can be found here,

Friday 11th May

IBM unites charities and Blockchain technologies…again

Finally by the end of the week we hear some great developments from the world of IBM. This week IBM announced a partnership between themselves and a Global Citizen. When users log onto the IBM Charity homepage, they are immediately hit with the phrase “Challenge Accepted; your chance to make the world better with Blockchain”.

Both IBM and Global Citizen have began a project which aims to create a platform which can track philanthropic commitments across a complete process cycle. In addition to this the project aims to incentivise philanthropists by recognising their work.

We will provide more updates on this exciting project as we hear it but for more information click here.

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