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It’s the first week of May and another eventful week in the ever-growing world of Blockchain. This week we have heard about how Kanye West has been a long-time admirer of Bitcoin Technologies, how Argentina is planning on introducing over 4000 Bitcoin ATM machines to the streets of the country and finally how the Iranian Government has banned Telegram in the country.

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Monday 30th of April

Australia clamps down on ICO fraud

The week started with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) announcing plans to update their regulations surrounding ICOs. The regulations have come at a time where over 200 ICOs were able to raise a figure of over $5.6billion of investment in 2017.

in 2017 ASIC released its Information Sheet 225 which outlined regulations surrounding ICOs, however this has now been updated to introduce more information surrounding the involvement of Crypto Currencies.

The focus for the update has been to ensure ICOs are not using deceptive marketing campaigns to lure investors into “blind investing”. These practices have become increasingly popular and while the amount of ICOs have been increasing, so have the rise in scams associated with them.

Watch this space for further developments.

Tuesday 1st of May

Major world charities raising money for children via Crypto Mining

The week Global Charity UNICEF announced plans to allow members of the Crypto world to help donate their spare processing power to mine Cryptocurrencies. The money made from this will then be donated to projects currently being funded by UNICEF.

So far over 2600 people have signed up to the scheme and a Unicef spokesperson was quoted as saying “the cryptocurrency will go toward giving children life-saving supplies “like safe water, therapeutic food, and vaccines.”

This ground breaking project could revolutionize the way in which the international community donates to charities. To find out more please log onto

This is the second time UNICEF has turned to Crypto Currencies and the wonders of Blockchain technologies. In February 2018 the charity launched a similar project where users would mine Ethereum which would then be used to fund projects. The project details can be found by clicking here, and raised an additional $1200 in donations.

Wednesday 2nd of May

Who is Hodling?

This week technology company RadLending revealed the results of a recent survey titled “The Great Hodl Survey”. The focus of the survey was to find out what habits and traits Cryptocurrency and Blockchain enthusiasts possess. A full copy of the report can be found by clicking here, or alternatively some of the main results can be found below.

  • The average age of a Cryptocurrency Hodler is between 25-34
  • Males are more likely to HODL and have a bachelor’s degree
  • The average Hodler has never used their cryptocurrencies to by real life products or services.

Further insights include the amount of money that users Hodl and the differences between Hodlers in different countries. Check out the full report here

Thursday 3rd of May

North and South Korea Peace Declaration recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain

On April 27th the North and South Korean war officially ended. As the 2 nations made peace, the whole event was recorded on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ryi Gihyeok a 27 year old developer from South Korea included a line of code which reads “there will be no more war on the Korean Peninsula”. This was recorded and stored on both the Korean and English versions of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Ryi told the press that “After finding out what I could do as a developer, I found the Panmunjom Declaration from the Blue House homepage and recorded it on the Ethereum blockchain.”

This historic moment will forever be stored on the Ethereum Blockchain for as long as Ethereum ceases to exist. This act may also open the doors for more historic events to be recorded within the confines of cryptography.

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