Adopting new technologies in this rapidly changing world can be tough. Whether you are at an early stage or looking to update your service, finding the right technology partner can help your startup gain more flexibility, relevance, and competitiveness in the market.

If you are here, it can be presumed that you have already identified an awesome product idea. Now, all you need is a company with relevant technology prowess to bring your idea to the market.

Finding a technology partner for startups is in itself a challenge. We are going over five basic steps that can help you choose a tech partner for your startup. Following these steps to filter and analyze companies can assist you in making the right decision.

Learn the basics of technology

As you look for a tech partner, it is essential to learn technology basics so you understand the conversations and cut through the jargon. You don’t want to waste the precious time in deciphering, right?

To begin with, you can start reading about software development, database and network management, and emerging technologies like blockchain, AI and IoT.

Here’s an article to help you stay updated with the latest tech trends.

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Identify tech needs for your product

Setting clear technical requirements is an essential step in the product development process. It describes how your product should function. It also includes aspects and issues that your tech partner will address while working on your product. For instance, you want to build a task management tool and you want it to work on every system and device. Your tech partner can provide the integrations that will allow your tool to function properly on every device and system.

You can create a simple document that specifies every requirement about your product. Some basic points that the document should cover are provided below:

  • What is the product’s purpose?
  • What does it offer?
  • Who will use the product?
  • What benefits does it offer?
  • What will be the cost?

Look into the offerings

A startup can thrive in the ever-changing digital environment if it has an experienced innovation partner to back its product. But not every company is built the same to match your requirements. Here’s a checklist of essential points to consider before choosing the best tech partner for your startup.

  • Do they assist you in the ideation process?
  • Do they conduct the feasibility study?
  • Do they offer legal advice?
  • Do they provide front and back-end support?
  • Do they build prototypes and PoC for product testing?
  • Do they provide pilot testing support?
  • Do they provide integration with multiple systems?
  • Do they implement blockchain, AI or other emerging technologies?
  • Do they assign a dedicated tech manager?
  • Do they provide maintenance and support after the product launch?

Be sure to get answers to all the questions to find your ideal technology partner.

Check the price quote

Pricing remains an important aspect when collaborating with a company for technical support. Based on the experience and expertise and the level of work required, it may vary significantly. You need to strike the right balance between the offerings and the price of the company. Asking for a price quotation with all the work requirements can be a great way to compare the pricing and find a company offering the best value.

Consider the experience

You might have made up your mind now. However, even if you have no doubts about your potential tech partner, getting testimonials and feedback from their clients might be helpful. It can present you with a clearer picture of what to expect.

Most companies list their testimonials and the clients they have worked with on their websites. They also talk about various technologies that they have implemented.

If not mentioned anywhere, you can also ask for feedback from their current or previous clients. A company that brings value to its customers will be pleased to refer you to the right people to talk to.

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Finding a technology partner for startups can be taxing and take a lot of time and effort. It must align with your values and vision and provide the required technical assistance at your budget. But following the above process can ascertain that you will find the right one. Be sure the keep all the points in mind while researching for the ideal tech partner for your startup.

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