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Author: Espen Moen Kvelland

6 Ways Blockchain is Changing the Financial Industry

1 – Authenticating Identity In today’s society we rely heavily upon intermediaries to build trust between two parties. Without them it would be impossible to get access to basic financial services such as loans and bank accounts. This practice give these institutions an enormous power. How can Blockchain change this? One of the most important and game changing concept Blockchain brings to the table is smart contracts that can be programmed to establish trust between two parties. This trust could potentially make the intermediaries that handle this today obsolete. 2 – Moving Value The financial system we all rely...

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The Two Most Important Thing to Understand About the Blockchain

Blockchains or DLT technology(Distributed Ledger Technology) in general, gained a lot of eyeballs last year. The price of Cryptocurrency has been driving the headlines for much of that time but now many people are starting to understand, it’s the underlying technology that is the ‘real revolution’. But is it all just a hype? If we look at Gartner’s Hype Cycle I believe we are somewhere near the peak of Inflated Expectations. And that’s fine because most of the new tech that is introduced and gets the level of interests that Blockchain has goes through the same cycle. The most...

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Akeo AS and CX Financia – The total package

Akeo AS is pleased to announce that we are entering into collaboration with CX Financia.   CX Financia is a consulting firm, based in Cyprus. They specialize in financial service support and customize business solutions and investor services to corporations and high-net-worth individuals from around the world. Currently, they, as many others, are experiencing a high demand for Blockchain related projects, hence the new and exciting collaboration.   The recent ICO enthusiasm has attracted approximately $6bn in investment in 2017, and it seems to be increasing this year. A lot of ICO deals are offered by start-ups and this comes with an elevated risk. Unfortunately, a lot of these ICOs are...

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Internet as we know it is CHANGING

The creation of Bitcoin in itself was a really big thing. It brought the possibility of sending money instantly, economically and directly to users. Bitcoin no doubt blew our mind away, but what’s more mind boggling is the technology that Bitcoin runs on, Blockchain.  It offers a plethora of exciting possibilities that the world is yet to see, we believe it might change the picture of internet and the world in general altogether. Understanding Blockchain:  The first Blockchain was Bitcoin.  It’s a decentralized ledger spread all over internet.   An audit trail makes it possible to track changes done in Blockchain in an invertible way. ...

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Internet as we know it is changing

The creation of Bitcoin is in itself a really big thing. The possibility of sending money, instant, cheap and directly between people on the internet brings with it a promise of a new world. So Bitcoin is exciting, but even so, the underlying technology that Bitcoin uses brings some even more exciting possibilities. The technology is called Blockchains and might change the internet and the world in general. A decentralised ledger spread all over the world An audit trail making it possible to track changes done in the Blockchain in an invertible way The first Blockchain was the Bitcoin....

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