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Author: Neeta Gupta

Is it Time to Buy Cryptocurrencies and Join the HODL Gang?

Between the stock market and cryptosphere, a parallel has always been drawn. When the stock market changes from bullish to bearish, investors say it is time to buy, why not follow the same approach with cryptocurrencies? When you buy a stock or a crypto for lesser price, you end up getting more return on your investment. Do note, this might be the reason why big investors like Rockefeller Family, George Soros and Rothschild Family are now keen to invest in cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, it is not so easy now to buy crypto-currency as it once was. A substantial number of...

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Can Cryptocurrency Value Surge Post Entrance of Institutional Investors in Mature Market?

2017 was the year when the cryptocurrency market saw a meteoric rise. Bitcoin and Altcoins grabbed eyeballs and joined the mainstream market. With the hike in the value of cryptocurrencies and the rise of market capital, the investment market went through a paradigm shift. More and more traditional investors and venture capitalist paid heed to cryptosphere and started placing big money in the crypto market. The change in calendar however, brought bad news for the coin market. In just the first quarter of 2018, the market faced regulations and ban by several Governments across the world, internet giants ban ICOs...

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Lawsuit Against Ban of Cryptocurrency and ICO Ads Gains Momentum

When internet giants Google, Facebook, Twitter took a decision to ban cryptocurrency and ICO ads, it caused a mayhem in the crypotosphere. The ban lead to massive fund loss for several exciting ICO projects as businesses weren’t able to reach out to the public at large. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain organizations in South Korea, China, and BlockRussia joined forces and initiated a lawsuit against the ban. Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB), Korea Venture Business Associations and LCBT, a Chinese association of crypto-investors are the companies who initiated to file the lawsuit.The recent development is, organizations in Switzerland, Kazakhstan...

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Samsung Shakes Hand with Blockchain to Cut Shipping Cost

The South Korean conglomerate, Samsung is soon going to adapt Blockchain technology to manage its vast global supply. The company sends about tens of billions of dollars in goods globally and to keep track of these shipments, they are considering blockchain ledger system. Post adopting blockchain ledger system, the company expects the shipping cost can go down by 20 percent. While blockchain is adopted by organizations and governments worldwide, Samsung Group is one of the first global manufacturers to include blockchain distributed ledgers in its operations. Blockchain can considerably reduce the time required to send the paperwork back and forth...

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Ripple Invests $25 Million into Blockchain Focused Fund

Right after China made an announcement of investing more than $1.6 billion into the development of Blockchain, Ripple has issued a press release saying that it has invested $25 million in its own currency XRP into Blockchain Capital Parallel IV LP venture fund. Blockchain Capital is the first fund to accept investment in digital assets like XRP. An overall fund of $150 million is managed by Blockchain Capital, and the fund will be invested in entrepreneurial teams that are building businesses using Blockchain technology. The recent investment done by Ripple will offer an opportunity to identify new use cases...

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