Dubbed as the “city of the future”, Dubai’s inclination towards technology has always been evident. In order to be ‘10 years ahead of other world cities’, the government launched ‘Dubai 10x initiative’. By the year 2020, the city hopes to become the first Blockchain-government. Recently, there was an official announcement stating that the government is going to launch  ‘Dubai Tourism Blockchain Marketplace’.

What will Dubai Tourism Blockchain Marketplace do?

This ‘virtual business-to-business marketplace’ will democratize tourism. Under this, the government will develop an ‘additional channel for hotels’ in the first phase. What will the channel do? It will connect all tourist organizations involved in planning a trip to the city. The choice of where to stay, the places to visit and eat will all be available real-time making the system highly safe, and transparent.

The Dubai Tourism Blockchain Marketplace will increase the number of tourists visiting the city as they will be able to create more tailored journeys. The right prices will allow even the small players to attract customers and improve their business. The change in technology will increase industry participation (rise in the number of entrepreneurs) thus leading to a rise in employment.

Dubai 10x project will “[usher] in a new phase of development for government services by transforming a whole host of innovative ideas into reality: Helal Saeed Almarri, Director General, Dubai Tourism.

Journey to a Paperless Government

The government will adopt blockchain and will automate the services required to process visa applications, bill payments, and license renewals. As of now the paperwork required for all the above-mentioned services accounts for 100 million documents. Workshops are being organized both in the public as well as private sector in order to identify services that can be enhanced using the blockchain technology. This strategy will possibly save 25.1 million-man hours or $1.5 billion per year for the country. A lot of this enhanced productivity will come when the current government is going to upgrade to a paperless government.

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