A soft launch of the mobile apps for Cycled was recently organized at Akeo’s office in Skien, Norway. Akeo, being the technology partner for Cycled had been developing these apps for months, and it was now time to showcase them to Cycled Technologies Team members and other guests.

Cycled apps are a waste management mobile app to ease the collection of recyclables. These apps are intended to help the people in recycling the waste material of their homes. Everything will be managed by the application with a few clicks requiring zero efforts.

The Best Way to Recycle the Waste

Cycled Technologies aims to develop a waste management system that is based on blockchain powered mobile apps. It would be a level up from the conventional system which lacks management and requires more efforts. The objective behind launching the apps is to optimize every step of the system and ensure an increase in the quality and quantity of the materials for recycling.

This waste management system will incentivize participants (residents and waste collectors) to clean recyclable items before disposal. The incentives will be offered in the form of tokens against the quantity of the recyclables. These tokens can be later converted into fiat money after the recycling process. With the help of the app, users can get the money through the recycling plants backed by Cycled Technologies

Cycled and Cycler Apps

Cycled Technologies with the help of Akeo have developed two mobile applications specific for both the parties (households and waste collectors). Here is a brief introduction for both the apps.

Cycled – It will be the app that residents will use to book the collection of the waste materials from their homes. They just need to download and register their account to start booking for the collection. It’s that simple.

Demo for Cycled Apps

Cycler – It will be the app that actual waste collectors will keep in their mobile phones to accept the booking request. For instance, if someone initiates a booking through the Cycled app, the nearest waste collector in that area would receive a notification on his Cycler app. He would then accept the booking and collect the material from that home.


In 2016, the globe generated 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste amounting to a footprint of 0.74 kilograms per person per day. In low-income countries, over 90% of waste is often disposed of in unregulated dumps. The Cycled project aims to solve the major problem of waste management in the world. The Cycled apps will offer certain advantages to the users in numerous ways:

  • It would be easy and effortless for them to dispose the waste materials from their homes.
  • The apps could also be a source of income for both the parties as people will be incentivized for using the apps.
  • Based on the blockchain, the apps will allow for transparent distribution of incentives.
  • It might open the ways to more employment generation.
  • Living standards of the people will be raised.

Getting Ready for the Launch

Cycled Technologies took a big step to solve the global problem of waste management. The apps are currently in beta testing in Lagos, Nigeria. As technology keeps advancing, there are several modifications underway to enhance the functionality of these apps. That being said, the development is in the final phase and will be launched in a couple of months. Akeo and Cycled Technologies are keen to witness the change Cycled brings as a waste management system powered by blockchain.

Akeo and Cycled Technologies are keen to see the response of the people for a waste management system powered by blockchain.

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