7 remarkable years of commitment and Akeo is growing stronger every day achieving greater heights and helping businesses to walk on the path of innovation. While building real-world use cases on various technologies, we found some time to celebrate our efforts with an annual get-together. The celebration was held on 19th Feb 2019 in Jaipur City, India in the presence of both Norway and India teams.

The event started with the hosts reminiscing about the journey of Akeo and how crucial everyone’s contribution has been. With a pat on the back and applause for everyone’s efforts, started a string of performances for which we have been practising for weeks.

The evening took off with a graceful Indian dance by the women of Akeo India. It was followed by a fun round where our Norway team was challenged with some Hindi tongue twisters, which they accepted of course sportingly! Likewise, they taught us some Norwegian and we are hoping to close in on some language barriers. Each team then performed their ‘Team Jives’ with full vigour and passion, which all of us enjoyed by joining them from our places. The boys of Akeo were no less, and brought in performance on some Bollywood numbers to pump up the energy on the floor! Here are some stunning pictures of the performances from Akeo’s Annual Party 2019.

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