As technology advances and devices are becoming smarter, innovative solutions are being developed to solve environmental issues. Business leaders and tech enthusiasts are trying to find solutions in blockchain technology – given its ability to store and transfer data in a secure and transparent manner. Believing in the technology, we organized ‘Blockchain Pitch Deck’ at our Indian office to crowdsource ideas that solve environment-related challenges.

Blockchain Pitch Deck

It was a company-wide event to promote unique business ideas of blockchain adoption. Participating in the event, five teams were formed to present their business plan to the jury. The challenge was to present a blockchain-based business plan that is technically viable, scalable, and solves an environment-related issue. The jury panel included our very own Espen Moen Kvelland (Founder), Tormod Lindøe (CEO) and Manish Gupta (CTO).

All the teams brainstormed and came up with effective and well-thought-out solutions. Let’s take a closer look at projects presented at the pitch deck:

1.      Air Ledger – A blockchain-based platform that will collect air quality data through IoT sensors and transfer it to the user. The solution can be used by the government to monitor air quality in industrial areas and fine them if the quality is found below standards.

2.      Springbook – A rewarding social networking application based on blockchain. Users can share images or news of natural disasters or environmental pollution scenes in everyday life. They can even upvote or downvote using the app. All the records will be managed on blockchain to maintain the integrity of the news.

3.      Solar Ledger – A unique idea of a platform that enables peer-to-peer trading of energy. Based on blockchain, the platform can verify, manage and secure transactions between energy producers and consumers. Blockchain would also bring transparency, trust, and security in the transfers.

4.      Block eVotes – A blockchain-based voting system that solves major issues related to paper-based voting and bring transparency for the citizens. The idea was to save paper and natural resources consumed during elections, thus, saving the environment.

5.      Akeo Greentech for Professional – A blockchain-based token-framework for connecting the emission of climate gasses with a circular-economy token. Members can leverage accurate data streams for their systems which ensuring data security through blockchain.

The presentations were followed by a Q/A round where the jury and the audience put their questions to the teams. Scores were provided based on the various important aspects including the USPs of the solution, business viability and scalability, and its financial proposition.

Air Ledger and Akeo Greentech were announced as the winners of the blockchain pitch deck. As an award, these solutions will be considered for a live project and the teams will be given a stake in the project.  

Wrapping up

Our environment is facing pressing global challenges and technology could play a key role in solving them. Blockchain alone might not be the silver bullet, but finding answers in blockchain could be the first step towards building a workable solution. Following the success of the event and our vision of ‘inspiring change through technology’, we continue to identify more opportunities to innovate and find solutions to real-world problems. 

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