The world has come a long way from tackling with the internet to developing secured platforms for sharing sensitive data using DLT and APIs.

How will trends in technology affect the industries, markets and client expectations to different services? This was the question lingering on everyone’s mind on September 6, 2018, when several IT companies united together to host Teknologidagen 2018. The sessions were related to technological advancements along with their endless possibilities and implementations including Blockchain that can disrupt the way we do business.

How Akeo Contributed

Akeo joined Teknologidagen 2018 with an objective to share emerging trends in Blockchain and Fintech. The team contributed to the conference by taking a couple of sessions revolving around Hyperledger and use cases of Blockchain.

Espen Moen Kvelland, CEO at Akeo, conducted a presentation on Hyperledger in the technical track of the conference, and the session was filled with curious listeners. The aim behind the presentation was to spread the core idea of Blockchain and explain the benefits of Hyperledger to the IT sector. Meanwhile, Ayoola Brimmo, co-founder of Cycled Technologies, shared his experience on the use case of Blockchain in the real world. Cycled is a project aiming at optimizing the waste management system by ensuring substantial incentives to the waste collector by directly connecting them with the waste owner. The project based on blockchain ensures transparent participation and Akeo has been associated with Cycled Technologies as a Technology Partner since 2017.

The conference ended with a healthy discussion with several of the speakers of the day on the applications of Blockchain, new payment solutions, and security issues that have hampered the adoption of new technologies. Teknologidagen 2018 gave Akeo an opportunity to connect with new people and tell about our experiences with emerging technologies.

We understand that blockchain and distributed ledger technologies are new to many, but we certainly believe that such conferences allow everyone to expand their horizons. If blockchain is poised to be accountable for the paradigm shift, whenever it will happen, we’ll surely be a part of it.

About Teknologidagen 2018

Teknologidagen is a day where business and the IT industry in Grenland and surrounding areas gather to learn more about emerging technologies and future business opportunities. The event is suited for tech enthusiasts and business owners who are interested in using new technology and seeking modern business solutions.

Teknologidagen 2018 was dedicated to Fintech, Blockchain, and Modern Payment Solutions as world-changing technologies. Numerous IT enthusiasts including Akeo became a valuable part of the conference, namely, EVRY, Provendo, Bridg IT, Aplia, and Vekst i Grenland.

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