Akeo, often termed as a SME business, is working to accomplish a vision that is to ‘inspire change through technology’. People from all walks of life are lending their strength and unique skills every single day to make the vision come alive. It is the culture that we think makes us unique, and has helped us to bond in a manner that we affectionately refer to us collectively as the ‘Akeo family’. 

As the CEO, Petter Olsen describes his first thoughts for Akeo, ‘The first thing that I am proud of at Akeo is that everyday so many technically skilled people are getting opportunities to work on several exciting projects. It struck me instantly – this is the place where I can thrive.’

What drives one to be a part of the Akeo Family?

We are always interested to know why individuals decide to join the Akeo family. Of course, we like to think that it is the fun culture and open-door policy, but digging a little deeper can bring to the surface a host of reasons. Why people decide to join Akeo is the possibilities to work on emerging technology, and the drive to inspire change. 

Focus on local while working globally 

“Akeo being a global company with employees from several different countries, the skills and competencies that everyone brings to the table are varied, and this greatly contributes to Akeo’s strength”, Petter believes. 

However, it is important for the company to also focus on the Norwegian market. Helping local companies with the efficiency of their data is something that will greatly contribute to Akeo’s growth, as well as enabling local companies to grow as well. 

Data in the present times is being generated round the clock, but harnessing it and using it in the best possible way is often a challenge for many businesses, ” Petter points out. We at Akeo know how to resolve this challenge for businesses and help them be more efficient as well as secure their own future.

The way forward

With the pandemic still very much a key factor in life, it can be hard to plan ahead, or look too far into the future with any certainty. But we are optimistic that things will improve, and that innovative technology can help bring about continued and lasting change.

‘We see that blockchain and artificial intelligence, in particular, will be important technologies in the years ahead. And Akeo will be involved, developing new, good solutions in both the new and existing markets.”

Businesses around the world are realizing both blockchain and AI & ML offer new ways of operating and managing and have helped industries to innovate even during the pandemic times. 

We are excited to inspire companies, both locally and globally, to embrace the move into the future with new, innovative technologies that will help them succeed!

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