It’s the time of the year when the entire Akeo comes together to celebrate the successes of the past year. The event began with a bang with a speech from our Chief Innovation Officer, Ashish Gupta.

“We always have the scope to create possibilities in our life. But do we have opportunities to nurture those possibilities? Akeo is full of possibilities, and just the place to turn those possibilities into opportunities.”
– Ashish Gupta, CIO

#AkeoLife was summed up and presented to the audience via a fun, musical play. Norwegian and Indian team got nostalgic when a song celebrating friendship was sung live and the beautiful memories of the entire past year were run along via a video.

The party couldn’t have been complete without a few golden words from our Founder, Espen Moen Kvelland.

“It is important to keep alive the #AkeoCulture. We need to keep it agile, more like an early teenager trying something crazy. The rules, strategies, and pathways are in place, but they should guide us, and not put boundaries on doing innovation”
– Espen Moen Kvelland, Founder Akeo

Fresh talent at Akeo has always been nurtured and promoted, and the annual party was just the right platform to recognize their amazing contribution towards the company. Also, teams were recognized for their hard work and invaluable contribution to projects.

Our Chief Technical Officer, Manish Gupta shared an amazing story about how with teamwork even difficult tasks can be completed easily.
Akeo is all about having big goals. These goals can be achieved by teamwork and thinking out of the box. At times big goals can make you feel nervous but never be afraid to take a step back and look at the things from a different angle, they will be easy to achieve then!
– Manish Gupta, CTO Akeo

The much-awaited result of Blockchain Pitch Deck was announced and the winners were rewarded. The night ended on an amazing note and with a smile on everyone’s face.

Each one made a promise that Akeo’s success stories are going to reach new heights in #2020. The Akeo Family is eagerly waiting for the next year to celebrate the successes in full fervour! 

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