Akeo AS is pleased to announce that we are entering into a collaboration with CX Financia. 

CX Financia is a consulting firm, based in Cyprus. They specialize in financial service support and customize business solutions and investor services to corporations and high-net-worth individuals from around the world. Currently, they, like many others, are experiencing a high demand for Blockchain related projects, hence the new and exciting collaboration.

The recent ICO enthusiasm has attracted approximately $6bn in investment in 2017, and it seems to be increasing this year. A lot of ICO deals are offered by start-ups and this comes with an elevated risk. Unfortunately, a lot of these ICOs are failing. Bitcoin.com estimates that the ICO failure rate is around 46%. Even Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is warning investors to be aware of ICO scams.

The biggest reason for this failure is the lack of accountability and responsibility from the start-ups, and of course the lack of knowledge of how this all-new technology will work in the real world in regard to regulations and compliance. This has given the ICO name a bad reputation and we believe that this is why big actors from the real world have been keeping their distance. Regulations are coming, and this also makes the latter get on board. With it, a new and improved way to offer tokens – Token Asset Ownership.  

The world is full of financial resources such as property, stocks, gold, carbon, gold – yes, the list is long. Many of these resources are difficult to physically transfer or divided and are therefore represented in the form of securities. By tokenizing the asset, all of the things mentioned here gets considerably easier. Our experience is that a lot of the actors from the real world want to use Blockchain to make their traditional business model stronger, not necessarily create a new one. This is exactly what TAO is all about. What is mentioned above is why we are entering this new and exciting collaboration.

CX Financias financial expertise merged with Akeo AS software- and concept development, as well as consulting expertise, we can give our customer what is needed to have a successful project on Blockchain, both in regard to regulations, but also compatibility and innovation. Emerging compliance and technical implementation is much needed, and we are excited for what is to come.

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