2021 was year where technology was in works under full throttle. With on-going pandemic, it was technology only that kept us together. Businesses and startups not only took their business online but also banked on various opportunities that came to light due to the pandemic. That is why it became important for us to throw some light on not only on the emerging technology but also how businesses can gain momentum during these hard times. Let’s have a look at these insightful posts one more time and see why they were so popular last year.

Why a website is necessary for every business and startup

A business case must be prepared early in a project. The purpose is to know if there is actually a basis for the project to be started. This is achieved by weighing the benefits the project will provide against costs and any disadvantages. Once the business case is established, it acts as a management tool to assess whether the relationship between cost and benefit is positive and whether the project still has the right to life.

In this blog post, we explain why an online presence is necessary for every business

How to stay on top of emerging technology trends

How do you stay updated with the forever changing technology trends? As new trends keep popping, being on top of each of them can be tricky. Without timely updates and the latest insights, it can be hard for your business to stay current on your existing knowledge base. We share some simple yet effective tips and tricks to build up your knowledge base and keep up with technology innovations shaping the technology world.

In this blog we share 4 pro tips on how to stay on top the emerging technology trends

How to get a minimum viable product (MVP) off the ground to test customer’s interest?

When there are so many technologies to work with in the market, it becomes utterly necessary for businesses to test them before choosing one. Moreover, it is not just the technology, businesses most also keep in mind that they are building a product for the end-customer. Now how to test if the end-customer is interested in your product or not? MVP offers the answer here, and is said to be the best way to test a new product. It is universally adopted not only by start-ups but also by the well-established companies.

In this blog we offer you a deep dive into understanding what MVP is and how it can gather the right audience for a business’s product

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Norway-based startup, Adress shares how their real-estate blockchain product journey began with Akeo Tech-Start

Adress, is a Norway-based startup which is aiming to make a difference in the real-estate industry. The startup came to Akeo to build a prototype as they were aiming to launching a new product in the market. Adress, is a Norway-based startup which is aiming to make a difference in the real-estate industry.

The startup came to Akeo to build a prototype as they were aiming to launching a new product in the market. Akeo under one of its specialized services Akeo Tech-Start, helps startups to build to transform their innovative ideas to reality. The entire experience was enlightening for both Adress and Akeo, and helped understand how important it is to not only test the idea but also with the right audience to fully know its viability.

In this blog post, we ask questions to the CEO of Adress, Nedim Mavric and know how his experience has been with Akeo.

From a disruptive idea to a life-changing solution – Wakandi is driving digital transformation in Africa

In the year 2018, Wakandi began as a disruptive idea to improve the way money, and money transfers is handled in Africa.
After 4 years of constant efforts, Wakandi is touching the lives of millions of people with the Credit Association Management System (CAMS) – an innovative digital system to digitize savings and loans services for informal financial groups (IFGs).

In this blog post we share how Wakandi has grown from an idea to reality; and how it is transforming Africa

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