Startups in general live in the future when it comes to technology. We believe this is what is their strength – to foresee the future. Startups develop roadmaps, then build products, and continuously upgrade them with an eye on the coming year – or even a few years out.  

Innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing, and Blockchain are all attracting the eyes of modern businesses. Without a doubt, startups are attracted to these technologies for creating a business solution that can mark their success. However, the impending question here is – which is the right emerging technology to be adopted by a startup?  How does the technology actually fit in, what it’s for, and what problems it could help solve?

Can one technology help them or is it a mix of technologies that can help develop a cutting-edge solution? The answer to these questions never come easy!

Before we begin, let us try to understand what are the challenges that a start-up faces before adopting an emerging tech.

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Challenges faced in adoption of emerging technologies

With startups there are always budget constraints and that makes it difficult to experiment with the emerging technologies. The businesses have to weigh the ROI against the investment to implement the technology. As a result, many times it is suggested to develop a MVP before going for a full-fledged product. 

The availability of technical expertise becomes another hurdle for a startup in the road to adopt emerging techn. The experienced developers ask for higher remuneration, moreover are not easily available everywhere. In case the startup aims to adopt heavy automation or manufacturing processes, training people becomes crucial, moreover it demands extra time and resources.

If everything goes well, how to scale the business with an emerging tech becomes the next bottleneck for a lot of startups. 

What to consider while choosing the right emerging technologies for your startup

There are various technologies available in the market. Let’s help you measure these on various parameters before deciding to incorporate one or more of these technologies in your solution.

  • Spot the areas in your idea where tech innovation can add a leverage to your solution. 

  • List down the technologies that can be integrated into your solution. Find out how your these technologies can enhance productivity, efficiencies, and performance.

    Note: While gaining 360 degree knowledge about the technology, it is important to know its cons alongside its pros

  • Check out the scalability of new technologies for your growing business in the next few years. Some areas can expand while some may contract.

  • Check the trends of your selected technologies and watch predictions about it in the market so you can learn whether technologies will stay for long or fade after a peak.

  • Check the suitable IT companies which can help you install or integrate those technologies into your existing systems and find out reviews regarding support from the providers or vendors.

  • It is advisable to bring common concessions among your workforce before implementation. You can take help of demos of tech solutions before the final purchase and see adaptability.

Akeo can help

For a startup it is risky to take impulsive decisions for adopting innovative yet an emerging technology without consulting experience hands.

At Akeo, we believe in getting our hands dirty trying and testing new and emerging technologies before suggesting them to our clients. Start-ups can leverage on that experience with Akeo Tech-Start.

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